Creep of Concrete Containing Fibers and Silica Fume


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Title: Creep of Concrete Containing Fibers and Silica Fume

Author(s): J. Houde, A. Prezeau, and R. Roux

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 105


Appears on pages(s): 101-118

Keywords: creep properties; fiber reinforced concretes; metal fibers; polypropylene fibers; silica; Materials Research

Date: 12/1/1987

Tests have shown that steel fibers increase the tensile strength of concrete and reduce the sudden failure in tension when bonding is adequate; impact resistance is also greatly increased. On a lesser scale, polypropylene fibers also increase the impact resistance of concrete. Compressive strengths of concrete containing either type of fiber are not increased. Since creep is a fundamental property of concrete, a test program was initiated to measure the effect of both steel and polypropylene fibers on plain concretes and on concretes containing silica fume. The addition of fibers, polypropylene or steel, increased substantially (20 to 40 percent) the creep of plain concrete and, to a lesser extent, the creep of concretes containing 5 to 10 percent silica fume. It was found that creep of concrete with or without fibers was decreased by at least 20 percent when 5 to 10 percent of cement was replaced by silica fume.