Trends in Fire Testing, Research, and Standards for Concrete


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Title: Trends in Fire Testing, Research, and Standards for Concrete

Author(s): S.S. Szoke

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 255


Appears on pages(s): 217-236

Keywords: buildings; concrete; fire; modeling; research; standards; testing

Date: 10/1/2008

Adequate information may not be readily available to justify the development of alternative methods for evaluating and predicting the performance of concrete exposed to fire and elevated temperatures. The recent trends to use alternatives to ASTM E119 such as small-scale testing and computer models is driven primarily by the costs associated with ASTM E119 tests and a desire by some to be able to model the performance of concrete in actual fires. Increased measurement and reporting may be needed to validate these alternative test methods, and analytical computer models and simulations methods to correlate the results of alternative testing techniques and models are needed. These considerations are becoming increasingly more important due to recent efforts to refine existing and develop new methods for the design of buildings to resist fire, including being able to undergo total burnout without collapse.