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Title: Structural Systems for Concrete Buildings

Author(s): M.C. Mota and B.S. Taranath

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 240


Appears on pages(s): 45-72

Keywords: buildings; concrete; post-tensioning; precast; wind

Date: 10/1/2006

Reinforced structural concrete, known to humans since the 19th century, offers a variety of structural systems suitable to economically resist lateral loads for low, medium and high-rise structures. The selection of the most economical lateral force-resisting system depends on several factors including but not limited to: number of floors, lateral load demand, use and speed of construction.Two types of lateral loads typically considered in building design are wind and seismic loads. In designing for wind, a building is studied with due regard to its surroundings because nearby buildings and land configurations may have a substantial influence on wind loads. There is scant evidence that winds, except those due to tornado or hurricane, have caused major damage to buildings. However, modern buildings with lightweight curtain walls, dry partitions, and high-strength materials are more prone to wind-induced problems than their earlier predecessors.The objective of this paper is to discuss the economical application of several types of lateral force-resisting concrete systems by primarily providing a range of floors for which each lateral force-resisting system is economical. Each system will be discussed by providing a definition as well as advantages. Also, six case studies have been included for further discussion.


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