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Title: Hysteretic Behavior of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns under Uniform Bending

Author(s): H. Nakahara and K. Sakino

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 238


Appears on pages(s): 289-304

Keywords: confined concrete; cyclic loading; stress-strain relations

Date: 10/1/2006

In order to evaluate the load carrying capacity and ductility of hinging zone ofthe concrete filled steel tubular (CFT) columns, tests are carried out on 12 circular speci-mens and 18 square specimens subjected to uniform bending under a constant axial load.The experimental parameters are: 1) depth to thickness ratio (D/t ratio) and width to thick-ness ratio (B/t ratio) of steel tube; 2) axial load ratio; 3) material strength; 4) deformationhistory and 5) annealing. One of the features of the test is the wide range of D/t and B/tratio. The range of D/t ratio of the circular CFT columns are 40.5-160 and the range of B/t ratio of the square CFT columns are 32.8-98.0, respectively. The experimental load-de-formation relations are compared with those of the elasto-plastic analysis based on theproposed stress-strain relationships established for the filled concrete and for the steel tube.The analytical results show good agreement with the test results for all specimens. Thisimplies that the proposed stress-strain relationships for CFT columns are useful to predictthe characteristics of the filled concrete and the steel tube.


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