Creep of Concrete as a Function of Temperature


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Title: Creep of Concrete as a Function of Temperature

Author(s): J.C. Marechal

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 34


Appears on pages(s): 547-564

Keywords: aggregates; concretes; creep properties; curing; deformation; desorption; high temperature; moisture content; permeability; porphyry; quartz; research; shrinkage; stresses

Date: 1/1/1972

Shrinkage and creep under different stresses were studied on several specimens of concrete. Once analyzed and discussed, the experimental results reveal to two classes of distinct phenomena: at high temperatures, the concrete, freed of its evaporable water, would appear to behave according to the classical Arrhenius equation during changes in state; for lower temperatures, pure creep due to temperature would be very slight, shrinkage and shrinkage under loading would vary with the steam pressures bringng about the desorption of evaporable water.