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Title: Conceptual Details for Creep, Shrinkage, and Temperature in Ultra High-Rise Buildings

Author(s): Fazlur R. Khan and Mark Fintel

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 27


Appears on pages(s): 215-228

Keywords: beams (supports); cladding; columns (supports); connections; creep properties; deformation; differential shortening; exposed columns; frames; hinges (structural); multistory buildings; partition walls; reinforced concrete; shearwalls; shrinkage

Date: 1/1/1971

The paper describes the structural details to be incorporated in ultra high rise buildings to avoid distress from differential distortions resulting from temperature differences between exterior and interior columns. Also distresses from differential creep and shrinkage between vertical load bearing elements due to their variances in reinforcement and size can be minimized through proper structural design and detailing. Partitions detailed with sliding joints around their periphery are not strained when the fram distorts. Also the cladding should be detailed to undergo temperature length changes without stress buildup.


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