Power Plant Turbine Pedestal Structure


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Title: Power Plant Turbine Pedestal Structure

Author(s): P. N. Fletcher and K. Y. Lee

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 78


Appears on pages(s): 243-251

Keywords: beams (supports) ; columns (supports) ; concrete construction; falsework; floors; machine bases; reinforced concrete; structural design; trusses.

Date: 1/1/1982

This paper presents a new concept in designing a structure which is used as falsework, and utilized as reinforcing, which incorporates construction features for a turbine generator supporting structure. The turbine generator is supported by a massive concrete structure. In order to eliminate the falsework required for supporting the fresh concrete at the operating floor level, steel trusses are embedded in the concrete beams. The stress in the truss chord members are low for the construction loading, thereby allowing the trusses to be used as reinforcing in the beams. The trusses can be shop assembled in modules which can be transported by rail or truck to the site. In the assembly yard, the modules are completed for transporting to the turbine generator area and placing on the pedestal columns. The complete operation consists of adding side and soffit forms, rebar, anchor bolts, embeds, embedded conduits and penetrations. This construction sequence allows the turbine building outer framework to be erected prior to the placement of concrete pedestal. An enclosed building will also provide better control and environment for placing the concrete in the pedestal. This paper will provide an example pedestal design for a 1200Mw turbine generator. The details of fit-up of the truss modules, erection sequence, type of materials used, typical detai1s and concrete placement will be presented.