Damage from Vibrations of Gangsaw Foundations


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Title: Damage from Vibrations of Gangsaw Foundations

Author(s): David Weiner and Benat B. Broms

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 78


Appears on pages(s): 103-122

Keywords: concrete piles; concrete slabs; damage; foundations ; machine bases; structural design; vibration.

Date: 1/1/1982

The design and construction of foundations for gangsaws are discussed. Criteria are proposed to evaluate the risk of damaging machines and buildings based on extensive measurements in sawmills in Sweden where in some cases damage had occurred. The results of a questionnaire indicate that problelms due to vibrations from gangsaws are common particularly where the foundations are supported on piles and where the ground water level is high. The questionnaire also indicates that a large number of sawmill workers (up to 752) are troubled by vibrations and noise. Several case records are presented which indicate that the natural frequency of sawmill buildings is often very close to the operating frequency of the gangsaws they house, exacerbating problems due to vibration. Remedial measures are discussed in the article such as changing the mass of the counterweight, the operating frequency or the geometry or weight of the foundation block. In two practical cases that are discussed the use of the tuning technique minimised interruptions in operation and prevented breakdowns which would otherwise have caused considerable financial loss.