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Title: Concrete Files-Forms, Advantages and Cons as Compared with Wood Piles

Author(s): C.W. Gaylord

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 5

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 300-320

Keywords: none

Date: 1/1/1909

In taking up the subject of the comparative cost of wood and concrete piling and further discussing the various forms of concrete pile construction as it is practiced in America to-day, this paper will be confined to foundation piles, especially those under buildings and to the most widely known of the concrete pile systems. The phase of the subject pertaining to reinforced concrete piles in wharf and dock construction will not be touched upon, nor the special forms of concrete piles adapted to peculiar subsoil formation. In discussing the comparative cost based on actual work where concrete piles have had little chance to prove their utility and confine the discussion to building foundations where concrete in open competition with wood has had such a remarkable success in the past few years. Before, however, taking up the comparision of cost, let us consider the history of concrete piling and explain the several prominent systems which are structurally adapted to varying conditions and have been used successfully.


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