Adjustable Shores Against 4 x 4 Wood Shores


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Title: Adjustable Shores Against 4 x 4 Wood Shores

Author(s): E.C. Harding

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 21

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 95-96

Keywords: none

Date: 2/1/1925

A comparison between adjustable shores and 4 x 4 wood shores is a very complex subject. Each construction project presents different problems in shoring the forms. The type of construction, story heights, sloping floors, etc., will not admit of a general comparison. Shoring operations must be analyzed and studied. The unit operations will not vary materially on different jobs and different types of construction and a combination of these units will present totals that can be used for comparison. On account of these variables it is misleading a t times to say that it costs a certain amount to shore formwork. The following data are presented for the various unit operations.