Viewpoint of Architect and Engineer Regarding Concrete Products


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Title: Viewpoint of Architect and Engineer Regarding Concrete Products

Author(s): George J. Eyrick Jr.

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 24

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 343-347

Keywords: none

Date: 3/1/1928

Your program committee has requested that the writer present to you a paper on a large subject ill a very short time. In the first place, let us roughly classify concrete products into two general classes, (1) concrete stone as used for facing buildings and it general copying of natural stones, and ( 2 ) concrete tile, blocks, bricks, and similar units, commonly known as concrete masonry units. Such ite111s as concrete pipe, piles, sheeting arid the like, we will not discuss or consider, as they are primarily engineering units. The methods of manufacture will not be discussed at any time in this paper, as the men making these commodities know and have their own ideas on this subject, and I feel that this should be left for men in the business to talk over.