Slab-Column Connections Under Seismic Actions


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Title: Slab-Column Connections Under Seismic Actions

Author(s): W.H. Dilger, D.C. Dechka, and S.J. Brown

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 232


Appears on pages(s): 127-146

Keywords: ductility; effective slab stiffness; reversed-cyclic loading;seismic effects; shear reinforcement; slab-column connections; testresults

Date: 10/1/2005

The first part of this paper presents an overview of the known experimentalwork on isolated slab-column specimens, subjected to reversed-cyclic lateral loadingsimulating seismic loads and displacements. The first part includes a review of tests oncontinuous slab-column frames, subjected to reversed-cyclic lateral loading. Almost allof the test specimens contain shear reinforcement as early studies showed that shearreinforcement not only increases the shear resistance, but significantly improves theductility of the connections.The next section on theoretical studies describes the methods used to predict theflexural strength of the slab-column connection, such as the yield-line theory. Theeffect of flexural cracking on the stiffness of the slab and columns is discussed. Also, aproposal for the relationship between the lateral drift ratio and the probable momentresistance of the connection is presented.The paper concludes with a review of current (and proposed) code provisions for theanalysis and design of slab-column connection in seismic zones.