Variable Thickness Barrel Anchor for CFRP Prestressing Rods


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Title: Variable Thickness Barrel Anchor for CFRP Prestressing Rods

Author(s): A. Al-Mayah, K. Soudki, and A. Plumtree

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 231


Appears on pages(s): 237-252

Keywords: anchor; CFRP; contact pressure; FEM; prestressed concrete

Date: 10/1/2005

The successful implementation of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP)rods in prestressed applications depends on the anchor system. Finding a properanchor is a challenging problem due to the weakness of the CFRP tendon in thetransverse direction. This paper presents a finite element study conducted toinvestigate the contact pressure distribution in a wedge anchor system for CFRP rods.The effect of the thickness variation of the barrel on the contact pressure distributionwas investigated. The thickness of the barrel was reduced at the loading end of therod. Different thickness reductions were investigated. It was found that as thereduction of the thickness increased the contact pressure decreased at the loading endof the rod. This leads to the elimination of the stress concentration on the carbon fiberrod which results in the avoidance of the premature failure of the rod. Also, highershear stress was observed on the rod-sleeve surface than on the wedge-barrel surface.Tensile load-displacement relationship was modeled for different barrel thicknessreductions. For a given displacement, higher tensile load was carried by the anchorwith less barrel thickness reduction.