Closed Form Design Equations for Strengthened Concrete Beams: FRP Rupture


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Title: Closed Form Design Equations for Strengthened Concrete Beams: FRP Rupture

Author(s): N. Hatami and H.A. Rasheed

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 1613-1630

Keywords: concrete beams; design equations; flexural strengthening;FRP rupture

Date: 10/1/2005

Externally bonded FRP has been established as the technology of choice tostrengthen RC beams. Researchers and practicing engineers have recently developeddesign guidelines for FRP strengthening. However, the current state of the art flexuraldesign procedure suggests an iterative process. No earlier efforts have been devotedto develop direct strength design equations on the failure mode of FRP rupture that canfacilitate structural calculations. This study develops exact and approximate sets ofclosed form equations to design singly and doubly reinforced strengthened rectangularsections that fail by FRP rupture. Comparisons with reported experimental strength dataindicate excellent agreement. A comprehensive parametric study has yielded a simplelinear regression equation that has an almost perfect statistical correlation and isequally applicable in cases of analysis and design. Comparison between the exactsolution and the regression equation confirms the accuracy of the latter. The latter isused in a design example.