Performance Evaluation of a Short-Span Bridge Built with FRP Reinforced Concrete Panels


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Title: Performance Evaluation of a Short-Span Bridge Built with FRP Reinforced Concrete Panels

Author(s): U. Deza and A. Nanni

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 1191-1208

Keywords: FRP reinforced concrete panels; impact factor; live load deflection; load fraction distribution; multi-panel bridge deck; nondestructive load test; stiffness degradation

Date: 10/1/2005

This paper describes the evaluation of the in-service performance of a short-span bridge deck built with FRP reinforced concrete (RC) panels. The Walters Street Bridge consists of nine FRP-RC panels connected with shear keys. The multi-panel bridge deck was monitored for a period of four years by load testing the bridge deck with standard trucks and collecting deflection data. Experimentally derived factors such as stiffness degradation, and load fraction distribution between panels were computed from field deflections and compared with AASHTO provisions and results of an analytical study. The load fraction values, which assess the transverse load distribution, were consistent along the 4-year period. Load tests involving the use of two trucks at the same time were performed in the last year with the purpose of finding the most critical deflection under service load conditions, which was compared to allowable AASHTO live load deflections. Analytical deflections were calculated using ACI guidelines and structural analysis methods. The load tests, as well as the analytical results, revealed that the deflections were well within the recommended AASHTO values.