The Effect of Adhesive Type on the Bond of NSM Tape to Concrete


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Title: The Effect of Adhesive Type on the Bond of NSM Tape to Concrete

Author(s): C. Shield, C. French, and E. Milde

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 355-372

Keywords: bond; FRP; NSM

Date: 10/1/2005

Near surface mounted (NSM) reinforcement is becoming a viable materialfor strengthening existing concrete structures in flexure and shear. As this methodmoves from the laboratory testing phase to implementation in the field, designers willneed to be able to predict the capacity of the strengthening scheme. Bond of NSMreinforcement to concrete will likely be a key factor in determining the strengthenedcapacity. There are a number of parameters that affect bond between steel rebar andconcrete, where only two different materials are present. In the case of bond of NSMreinforcement, a third material, adhesive, is present, further complicating the analyticaldescription of bond of NSM reinforcement. This paper presents the results of two typesof bond tests that were used to determine the effect of epoxy adhesive materialproperties on the bond of NSM tape to concrete. From the testing, it was found thateven for epoxy adhesives with similar shear strengths, the bond strength and bondfailure mechanisms differ significantly.