Gripping Behavior of CFRP PrestressingRods for Novel Anchor Design


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Title: Gripping Behavior of CFRP PrestressingRods for Novel Anchor Design

Author(s): A. Al-Mayah, K. Soudki, and A. Plumtree

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 209-228

Keywords: aluminum alloy; CFRP; contact pressure; copper; hardness;interfacial stress

Date: 10/1/2005

In prestressed concrete applications, the wedge anchor system of the CFRProd utilizes interfacial shear as the main gripping component between the rod andcontacting metal. To simulate this condition, the interfacial mechanics of CFRP-metalcouples under different contact pressures was studied. A range of CFRP rods withdifferent strengths, sizes and surface profiles was investigated. The composite rodswere in contact with either as-received or annealed aluminum alloy or copper sleeves.In all cases, the interfacial shear stress was found to increase linearly with contactpressure. High interfacial shear stresses were recorded when high strength rods wereused. The highest shear stress was obtained by removing the surface perturbations ofthe rod resulting in the increase of the real contact area. Higher load oscillations,resulting from larger amounts of wear debris, were observed when lower strength andsmooth rod surfaces were tested.