Method for Screening Durability andConstituent Materials in FRP Bars


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Title: Method for Screening Durability andConstituent Materials in FRP Bars

Author(s): D. Gremel, N. Galati, and J. Stull

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 153-164

Keywords: alkaline exposure of FRP bars; bending stress; constituentmaterials; durability; GFRP bar

Date: 10/1/2005

A method for screening the durability of FRP bars under bending stress andimmersion in high pH solution at elevated temperature is described. Discussion of theneed for such a test, process variables affecting durability, determination of theappropriate bending radius and a description of the test method are shown. Testresults from a series of eight production runs varying only one of the processes relatedvariables, glass fiber supplier, are shown. Fiber sizing chemistry for the fiber/resin/production system is key to better durability of GFRP rebar. The bending stressdurability test method helps reveal FRP bar system performance for differentconstituent materials and offers a more practical method for evaluating alkalinedurability of GFRP bars. The method is intended as an indicator of durabilityperformance and not a definitive evaluation.