A Simplified Method for Computing Effective Moment of Inertia


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Title: A Simplified Method for Computing Effective Moment of Inertia

Author(s): Bahram M. Shahrooz

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 14

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 38-40


Date: 1/1/1992

The relation ACl 318-89 to compute the effective moment of inertia of reinforced concrete members is a little tedious and requires conditions that could not be presences during the preliminary design. An alternative has been created that consists of a number of cases of study on 42 beams of different geometric designs, resis¬tencias to compression forces, and relations between the traction and the com¬presión of the steel. The method depends on conditions known when dosi¬ficar miembrós, per ej. the relation between the resistance of compression of the concrete and the reinforcing of flexion. The trustworthiness of the method was verified against the values that were computed in provisions ACI 318-89. The presented/displayed method provides a technique simple but reliable to determine the effective moment of inertia.