Uniaxially Loaded High-Strength Concrete Spiral Columns


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Title: Uniaxially Loaded High-Strength Concrete Spiral Columns

Author(s): E. Canbay, Z.B. Koru, G. Ozcebe, and U. Ersoy

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 228


Appears on pages(s): 557-576

Keywords: column; confined concrete; ductility; high-strengthconcrete; spiral

Date: 6/1/2005

Three series of tests were carried out to investigate the behavior and strength of high and normal strength concrete spiral columns under uniaxial compressive loading. Five columns with normal strength and fourteen high strength spiral columns were tested. Normal strength and high strength steel were used as spiral reinforcement. The main variables investigated were; (a) volumetric ratio (varied from 0.008 to 0.038) and spacing of spiral reinforcement, (b) ratio of gross to core area (varied between 1.05 and 1.45), and (c) strength of spiral reinforcement. Strength increase and ductility due to the presence of spiral reinforcement were investigated. When high strength concrete is used, the minimum spiral reinforcement required by ACI 318-02 results in extremely small spacing as the ratio of the gross to core area increases. Spacing of the spiral reinforcement can be increased to reasonable values if higher strength steel is used. During the tests it was observed that the columns having high strength spiral reinforcement behaved well, and had adequate ductility.