High-Performance Concrete-A Proven Material with Unfulfilled Potential


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Title: High-Performance Concrete-A Proven Material with Unfulfilled Potential

Author(s): J. Moksnes

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 228


Appears on pages(s): 35-50

Keywords: high-performance concrete (HPC); high-strength concrete (HSC); research and development (R&D); utilization of knowledge

Date: 6/1/2005

Since the 1970’s the concrete industry has seen major developments in high strength/ high-performance concrete (HPC). New materials, design codes and construction methods have enabled us to design and build taller, slimmer, lighter, more attractive and more durable concrete structures. Through research and development and practical applications we have improved our knowledge on strength, ductility, durability, constructability, appearance and other properties to where technology is not the limiting factor, but rather our ability to utilize what we know and to promote our ideas for more sustainable and competitive concrete structures. HPC is now covered by a number of design codes and high-performance structures can be produced almost anywhere with selected local materials and competent workmanship. The volume of available literature on HPC has increased almost exponentially in recent years. Large research and development programmes have been executed and shown to produce remarkable results and provide very satisfactory returns on the investment. HPC still constitutes only a small part of the output of the concrete industry and is largely limited to marine structures, large span bridges and prestigious buildings and to some extent precast components. The market of ordinary structures is still dominated by ordinary concretes with ordinary performance. The paper discusses some aspects related to the evolution of high strength concrete (HSC) and high performance concrete and how the concrete industry, for the benefits of the clients and its own performance and image, needs to more actively utilize the proven HPC technology.