AS3600 Creep and Shrinkage Models for Normal and High Strength Concrete


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Title: AS3600 Creep and Shrinkage Models for Normal and High Strength Concrete

Author(s): R. I. Gilbert

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 227


Appears on pages(s): 21-40

Keywords: creep; creep coefficient; deformational characteristics; elastic modulus; high strength concrete; material properties, shrinkage; tensile strength

Date: 3/1/2005

The Australian Standard for Concrete Structures, AS3600-2001 (1), is currently under review, with the intention to expand its scope to include concrete with characteristic compressive strengths up to 100 MPa. The procedures in the existing Standard for the estimation of the deformation characteristics of concrete, including the tensile strength, the elastic modulus, the creep coefficient and the shrinkage strain, are not applicable for high strength concrete. To provide reasonable agreement with the test data for Australian high strength concretes, new models for predicting the instantaneous and time-dependent material characteristics had to be developed. In this paper, the new models that have been adopted for inclusion in the next edition of AS3600 (due for release in 2006) are presented.