High Load Pot Bearing Design


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Title: High Load Pot Bearing Design

Author(s): Phillip B. Plottel and Drew E. Gilstad

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 164


Appears on pages(s): 1125-1136

Keywords: Bridges (structures); bearings; loads (forces); steels; tests.

Date: 11/1/1996

This presentation describes the design and testing of high load fixed pot bearings for the main river crossing of the Chung Dam Grand Bridge over the Han River in Seoul Korea. The main river crossing consists of six 90 meter (295 feet) spans and two 60 meter (197 feet) side spans for a total length of 660 meters (2,165 feet). The bridge is welded steel utilizing V-leg frames. The superstructure is double deck construction; the upper deck carrying six highway traffic lanes and the lower deck carrying two transit tracks. The steel superstructure rests on concrete piers supported by caisson foundations, and is located in a seismic zone. At the time of this writing, the bridge is under construction and the bearings are scheduled to be delivered and installed in the summer of 1996. Fourteen pot bearings are being fabricated, each bearing designed to accommodate 26,000 kN (6,000 Kips) vertical load, 7,000 kN (1,500 Kips) horizontal load, and a rotation of 0.027 radians. The diameter of the pot is 1470 mm (4 foot 10 inches), and the height of the assembly is 515 mm (1 foot 8 inches). Because all bearings are fixed, and no other provisions have been provided to relieve horizontal loads, these elements will be called upon to resist thermal loads on a daily basis. Other special features include, metric design, design for replaceability, a tight construction schedule and stringent testing and warrantee requirements along with multi-lingual communications -- a Korean owner and contractor, a French construction manager, and US designers and manufacturers.