Tensile Properties of High-Performance Concrete


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Title: Tensile Properties of High-Performance Concrete

Author(s): Rajendra K. Navalurkar and Farhad Ansari

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 159


Appears on pages(s): 283-294

Keywords: cracking (fracturing); compressive strength; fracture properties; high-performance concretes; high-strength concretes; mechanical properties; modulus of elasticity; silica fume; stresses; tensile strength; tests; Structural Research

Date: 2/1/1996

Properties of high strength concrete under uniaxial states of stress were studied. Main emphasis was given to tensile, compressive, and fracture properties of concrete with compressive strengths ranging from 6000 to 12000 PSI. Complete stress-deformation curves under uniaxial tension were obtained using a closed-loop servo-hydraulic testing system. Important mechanical and fracture properties such as moduli of elasticity, fracture energy, and the critical crack tip opening displacements, were evaluated from the experimental results. Fracture energies were evaluated from the descending branch of stress-crack separation curves using the direct tension test results. For the range of high-strength concretes studied, experimental results indicate that the relationship between tensile and compressive strengths are different from those of normal strength concretes. Comparison of stress-deformation curves in tension reveals a significant decrease in post peak compliance of the higher strength concretes.