Double-Headed Studs in Shear Walls


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Title: Double-Headed Studs in Shear Walls

Author(s): Syed S. Mobeen, Alaa E. Elwi, and Amin Ghali

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 27

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 59-63

Keywords: seismic; crosstie; boundary element; shear wall

Date: 3/1/2005

Seismic forces are commonly resisted by “boundary elements” in reinforced concrete shear walls, where the wall is thickened to contain a large gross area of vertical bars and ties. ACI 318-02 specifies the amount of the required confinement reinforcement in the boundary elements to achieve high ductility, normally in the form of closed stirrups and single-legged crossties. Because crossties contribute significantly to the congestion of steel in boundary elements, use of double-headed studs could simplify both the installation of the reinforcement and the placement of concrete. The present article summarizes tests of shear walls subject to cyclic lateral load. Crossties in the control wall comprised hooked bars; crossties in the two test walls were double-headed studs.