New Cement Composites for Thin Structural Products


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Title: New Cement Composites for Thin Structural Products

Author(s): Edouard Parant and Pierre Rossi

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 224


Appears on pages(s): 89-100

Keywords: Cement composite, multiscale fibre reinforcement, static behavior, fatigue behavior

Date: 12/1/2004

This paper first proposes a reviewing and a critical analysis of the different UHPFRC which exist, and secondly presents a new cement composite, the CEMTECmultiscale®, patented by the Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris, France). This cement composite has been tested under static bending and asymmetric fatigue bending From this experimental study, the following comments can be made : - The characteristic strength and ultimate strain in compression are respectively equal to 205 MPa, and 4 10-3. - the Young modulus is equal to 55 GPa and the Poisson coefficient is equal to 0.21. - The average modulus of rupture (MOR) is equal to 61.5 MPa; - The average strain related to the average MOR is equal to 9.2 10-3. - A critical initial static strain threshold exists. Before this threshold a specimen in CEMTECmultiscale® does not fail during a bending fatigue loading and beyond this threshold the failure fatigue cycles number linearly depends of the initial static strain. The strain threshold determined in this study is between 1.24 x 10-3 and 1.44 x 10-3. - Below a loading ratio R = 0.65, failure during bending fatigue test never appears with a specimen of CEMTECmultiscale ®.