Old Concrete Roads in Denmark


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Title: Old Concrete Roads in Denmark

Author(s): Arne Damgaard Jensen

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 131


Appears on pages(s): 393-406

Keywords: air voids; alkali-silica reactions; coarse aggregates; concretes; concrete pavements; cores; cracking (fracturing); durability; pavements; freeze-thaw durability; microcracking; petrography; water-cement ratio; roads; General

Date: 3/1/1992

Concrete roads have been in use in Denmark since 1923. Many of the old roads are still in use today and exhibit excellent durability. The Danish Technological Institute has investigated some of the old roads from the 1930s. The investigations include thin-section analysis of cores from the roads. This technique was used extensively by G. M. Idorn during the 1950s and 1960s, and in the late 1970s, the technique was further developed by the Danish Technological Institute. The results of the investigation show that the old durable concrete is a dense, strong concrete without signs of internal deterioration.