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Title: Use of Fluidized Bed Combustion Ash as Raw Feed in the Manufacture of Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cements

Author(s): G. Bernardo, M. Marroccoli, E Montagnaro, and G. L Valenti

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 221


Appears on pages(s): 169-181

Keywords: calcium sulfate; calcium sulfo-aluminate cements; fluidized bed combustion ash; lime; waste utilization

Date: 5/1/2004

Both utilization and disposal of fluidized bed combustion (FBQ waste are complicated by its chemical and mineralogical composition. It has a quite high content of CaO and CaSO4 responsible for exothermal and expansive phenomena upon hydration; furthermore, due to the low combustion temperature, it contains a coal ash having a limited amount of glass phase and therefore a poor pozzolanic activity. In this paper, the suitability of FBC waste as raw feed component for the manufacture of calcium sulfoaluminate cements is assessed, which can be utilized for a wide range of applications. Mixtures containing FBC wastes derived from both laboratory and industrial plants were synthesized into an electric oven in the temperature range 1000°-1300°C. De-pending on the proportioning of the constituents of the raw feed as well as on the synthesis conditions, burning products having as main components the desired hydraulic phases were obtained.


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