Fit-for-Purpose Concrete


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Title: Fit-for-Purpose Concrete

Author(s): Gunnar M. Idorn

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 15

Issue: 7

Appears on pages(s): 53-54


Date: 7/1/1993

The concept of high-performance concrete (HPC) has received much attention in recent years within institutional research in North America and Europe. The promotional literature for the ACI International Conference on High-Performance concrete, to be held in Singapore in November 1994, mentions that "a number of countries, including Canada, France, Japan, Norway, and the U.S.A., have recently embarked on major research programs in the area of HPC." For completeness, I would add that a 40 million Swedish krone program is running in Sweden, and a 10 million Danish krone program is under way in Denmark. Also, a comprehensive book reporting the results of major French-Canadian research has been published, and several international conferences are scheduled for 1993.