A New Rapid Test Method to Predict LiN03 Dosage for Controlling ASR Expansion


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Title: A New Rapid Test Method to Predict LiN03 Dosage for Controlling ASR Expansion

Author(s): C.-S. Shon, D. G. Zollinger, and S. L Sarkar

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 217


Appears on pages(s): 423-436

Keywords: alkali-silica reactivity; dilatometer; lithium nitrate (LiN03); normality of NaOH; temperature

Date: 9/1/2003

A test apparatus called "dilatometer" has been developed to predict the dosage of lithium nitrate (LiNO3) required to control ASR expansion as a function of the alkali level and aggregate reactivity. The dilatometer is instrumented so as to monitor within a short period of time the volumetric expansion of the siliceous gel produced by a siliceous aggregate. The rationality of this test procedure was explored from comprehensive laboratory experiments related to the effects of temperature, normality of NaOH test solution, and LiNO3 dosage. Determination of the level of expansion within 30 hours, using this method enables one to predict the dosage of LiNO3, which is now being used as an ASR mitigating agent, needed for a particular aggregate to control expansion due to ASR. Based on the test results, it is anticipated that this test method will be useful for predicting the optimum dosage of LiNO3 required for a particular aggregate type and source.