Production Testing of CFRP Grid Reinforced Concrete Panels for a Floating Pier


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Title: Production Testing of CFRP Grid Reinforced Concrete Panels for a Floating Pier

Author(s): M. Wernli, G. E. Warren, and R. F. Mast

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 215


Appears on pages(s): 91-102

Keywords: advanced composite materials; constructability; durability; floating pier; grid reinforcement; lightweight concrete; marine design; prestressed panel; self-consolidating concrete

Date: 8/1/2003

The Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC) investigated a hull concept for a proposed floating pier with a design life of 100 years. The hull concept consists of bidirectional post-tensioned lightweight concrete panels reinforced with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) grids for crack control and toughness. CFRP grid reinforcement could be a potential durable alternative to using stainless steel reinforcement and could be cost-effective for marine application, if the use of CFRP reinforcement justifies minimizing the concrete cover and allowing minor cracking during service load. The paper discusses construction and cost considerations developed during production of 13 testing specimens of such a panel concept. Though the panel concept seems feasible, the NFESC deferred the concept for the time being due to the high cost of CFRP, the difficulties in detailing panel connections using CFRP reinforcement, and the unknowns related to the durability of CFRP reinforcement in cracked concrete exposed to marine environment.