Effects of the Moisture Condition of Concrete on Steel Corrosion


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Title: Effects of the Moisture Condition of Concrete on Steel Corrosion

Author(s): K. Yamamoto and Y. Masuda

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 212


Appears on pages(s): 537-554

Keywords: chloride ions; electrochemical measurements; moisture condition; reinforcement corrosion

Date: 6/1/2003

Moisture conditions of concrete are critical factors in the Corrosion of reinforce- ment. In this study, various electrochemical measurements were conducted using reinforcement in concretes with the moisture content adjusted to various values to evaluate the corrosion tendencies of reinforcement, thereby investigating the effect of the moisture conditions of concrete on reinforcement corrosion. The anodic dissolution current was found to increase as the moisture content of concrete increased, increasing the corrosion tendencies of reinforcement. With a relative moisture content of 60% or less, reinforcement corrosion is significantly suppressed even when chloride ions are present at a rate of 5.0 kg/m3. In the range of this study, the critical relative moisture content, above which reinforcement corrosion is significantly accelerated, fell in the range of 50 to 60%.