Effect of Curing on Durability of Fly Ash Concrete


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Title: Effect of Curing on Durability of Fly Ash Concrete

Author(s): T. Ozturan and M. E. Bastopcu

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 212


Appears on pages(s): 353-368

Keywords: chloride-ion penetration; concrete; curing; deicing-salt scaling; fly ash; sorptivity

Date: 6/1/2003

When concrete is properly cured, pozzolanic reaction products of fly ash fill in the spaces between the hydrating cement particles, thus lowering the permeability to water and aggressive chemicals. This paper describes the durability of fly ash concrete subjected to different curing conditions. Sorptivity, chloride-ion penetration, and resistance to deicing-salt scaling were tested for concretes containing 0, 15.30, and 45 percent Class C fly ash by weight of cement. Specimens were tested at 28 and 56 days after being subjected to three different curing conditions. It was seen that increasing the fly ash content decreased the sorptivity, chloride-ion penetration and deicing-salt scaling of concretes with the exception that they were increased for the specimens that were not properly cured. Highest durability performance was observed for concrete specimens subjected to hot water curing. Moist cured specimens came next.