Flexural Stiffness of High Strength Concrete Beams Reinforced with GFRP Bars


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Title: Flexural Stiffness of High Strength Concrete Beams Reinforced with GFRP Bars

Author(s): J. R. Yost, S. P. Gross, and D. W. Dinehart

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 210


Appears on pages(s): 209-224

Keywords: deflection; flexural stiffness; FRP; reinforced concrete beams

Date: 2/1/2003

Deflection behavior of high strength concrete (HSC) flexural members reinforced with glass-fiber polymer bars (GFRP) is investigated. Because serviceability plays a significant role in establishing design acceptance for GFRP reinforced concrete beams, accurate modeling of flexural stiffness is critical and he effect of influencing parameters must be considered. This study accounts ofr variations in reinforcement ratio ( r ) for HSC beams. Experimental results from twelve simply supported concrete beams reinforced with GFRP bars are compared with published deflection models to establish analytic accuracy. All samples have a hear-span-to-depth ratio of 9.4 and are overreinforced with respect to a balanced strain design. Results show that the ACI 318 and ACI 440 effective moment-of-inertia expressions greatly overestimate flexural stiffnes, with the degree of inaccuracy dependent upon on reinforcement ratio.