Strengthening Rectangular Concrete Columns Using FRP: A New Technique


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Title: Strengthening Rectangular Concrete Columns Using FRP: A New Technique

Author(s): T. Rizk, I. Mahfouz, and S. Sarkani

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 209


Appears on pages(s): 881-904

Keywords: concrete; fiber-reinforced polymers; repair; strengthening; upgrading

Date: 9/26/2002

The objective of this paper is $to introduce an innovative sandwich wrapping confining system (SWCS) for upgrading and repairing rectangular columns. The system described here replaces the conventional fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) wrapping, which has only axial stiffness, by a sandwich wrapping confining system that has both axial and flexural stiffness. The new system is made up of two FRP faces separated by a light incompressible core. Experimental and numerical analyses are performed on rectangular columns upgraded and repaired using the SWCS. Thuty rectangular columns with different dimensions are upgraded and repaired using the SWCS and tested to failure. A numerical study based on nonlinear finite-element analysis (material nonlinearity) is used to investigate the behavior of the columns repaired using the SWCS and to predict the experimental failure loads. Finally, the experimental and the analytical results are compared. Unlilce conventional FRP jackets, the SWCS can be used to improve the strength, stiffness, and ductility of rectangular columns.