High wall with two openings


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Title: High wall with two openings

Author(s): Robert W. Barnes

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 208


Appears on pages(s): 195-212


Date: 10/29/2002

In this example, application of the new strut-and-tie modeling provisions of ACI 318-02 to the design of a wall with openings is summarized. Because the openings constitute a significant portion of the wall, earlier Code versions provide little relevant guidance fro ensuring that the wall provides adequate resistance to the applied loads. Previous examples fo the application of strut-and-tie models (STM's) to multiple load cases and/or lateral loads are rare. The wall in this example is designed to resist multiple combinations of both gravity and in-plane lateral loads. Construction of the STM for each load eombination is outlined. In addition, employment of statically indeterminate STM's to improve the efficiency and serviceability of the wall design is discussed. The example also covers selection and anchorage of tie reinforcement, as well as capacity checks for struts and nodal zones.