Ternary Blended Cements for High-Performance Concrete


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Title: Ternary Blended Cements for High-Performance Concrete

Author(s): G. Menendez, V.L. Bonavetti, H. Donza, M. Trezza, and E.F. Irassar

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 207


Appears on pages(s): 435-448

Keywords: blast furnace slag; blended cements; compressive strength; high strength concrete; hydration degree; limstone filler; marshcont test; slump loss; superplasticizer

Date: 10/7/2002

This paper analyzes the mechanical behavior and its relation with the development of the hydration reaction in concretes with low water-to-cementitious material ratio made with binary and ternary cements containing limestone filler and blast furnace slag. It explores the maximum level of replacement of portland cement by both additions to obtain high early strength concrete. At 3 days, the compressive strength was 43 to 45 MPa and it was greater than 60 MPa at 28 days. All studied concretes present a very similar strength development. Results show that the combination of limestone filler and blast furnace slag is complementary: the limestone filler improves the early strength of concrete while the slag improves the later strength achieving to an optimal strength development. The concrete performance analyzed in terms of water penetration test also classified these concretes as very low permeability.