Electrical Resistance of Carbon Fiber Cement Composites Under Compression


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Title: Electrical Resistance of Carbon Fiber Cement Composites Under Compression

Author(s): F. Reza, G. B. Batson, J. A. Yamamuro, and J. S. Lee

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 206


Appears on pages(s): 429-438

Keywords: carbon fibers, cement, composites, electrical resistance, fiber-reinforced concrete, non-destructive testing, smart materials

Date: 4/1/2002

The incorporation of a small volume of carbon fibers into a concrete mixture produces a strong, durable concrete and at the same time lends the crack resistance and the carbon fiber's hight resistance to wear, heat and corrosion. The smart property is a damage-sensing ability. This intrinsic capability can be tapped by using simple electrical resistance techniques. There is the potential for these techniques to be used as nondestructive testing methods to assess the integrity of the ocmposite. The results of some fundamental investigations on the bulk electrical properties of carbon fiber cement composites (CFCC) under compressive loading are presented. Well-defined patterns are exhibited in the electircal resistance behavior that can be correlated with the stres-strain behavior. The resistance behavior was evaluated for various fiber volume contents. The effects of taking resistance measurements both parallela nd perpendicular to the axis of loadin were investigated.