Stresses in Reinforced Concrete Due to Volume Change


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Title: Stresses in Reinforced Concrete Due to Volume Change

Author(s): Frank R. Beyer

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 45

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 713-722

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 6/1/1949

A study of stresses set up in reinforcing steel and concrete by volume changes. SR-4 gaes were attached the reinforcing steel and after being carefully waterproofed, the test specimens were poured in essentially watertight forms. Strain readings began immediately and continued at varying intervals for three months. A drift test to determine the effect of diminishing battery potential was included to correct for this variable. Charts are presented to show the stresses measured during the tests. The author concludes that with proper precautions the SR-4 strain gage will measure the actual stress induced by volume changes. These stress, occuring in reinforced concrete in a definite cycle with respect to time, are appreciable and perhaps should be considered in design.