Dynamic Tension Fatigue Performance of Fibrous Concrete Composites


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Title: Dynamic Tension Fatigue Performance of Fibrous Concrete Composites

Author(s): Norbert L. Lovata and Paul B. Morrill

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 142


Appears on pages(s): 295-314

Keywords: composite materials; fatigue (materials); slump tests; fiber reinforced concretes; load tests; mix proportioning; tension; stress-strain relationships; temperature; tests; Materials Research

Date: 1/1/1994

This research was specifically designed to test concrete in direct tension. Concrete prism specimens measured 4 x 4 x 16 in. in length. The specimens were first tested under monotonic loading conditions to determine ultimate stress-strain relationships. Samples were also tested under low-frequency high cyclic loading conditions to simulate concrete fatigue. Fibrous concrete containing steel, polypropylene, and composite fiber reinforcement made up the test groups. A closed-loop hydraulic test machine was used to develop a testing procedure to measure the monotonic and cyclic tension responses of fiber reinforced concrete. This procedure proved successful in determining the stress-strain relationship and cyclic behavior of the fiber reinforced concrete. The concrete evaluation included monitoring concrete in the plastic state. Concrete temperature, slump, air content, mix design, and mixing time were carefully controlled. The long-term concrete curing period lasted 150 days. The testing of cured samples included mechanical testing, statistical treatment evaluation, and scanning electron microscope analysis. The fiber reinforced concrete and composite fiber specimens provided substantial performance improvement when compared to the plain concrete specimens.