Ultra High Performance Reinforced Concrete


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Title: Ultra High Performance Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): Lloyd E. Hackman, Mark B. Farrell, and Orville O. Dunham

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 142


Appears on pages(s): 235-248

Keywords: corrosion resistance; energy absorption; fibers; flexural strength; reinforced concretes; slurries; strength; temperature; Materials Research

Date: 1/1/1994

An innovative technique for reinforcing concrete to achieve extremely high flexural strengths has been developed. This technique utilizes a steel fiber mat instead of short, discrete steel fibers. The mat configuration is preplaced for infiltration with a concrete slurry to yield a composite with flexural strengths approaching ten times that of conventional concrete. Applications include high-performance bridge decks, earthquake-resistant structures, nuclear waste containment, military applications, and other innovative uses in which flexural strength is at a premium. Stainless steel mats or other advanced alloys can be provided where corrosion resistance or high temperature strength are required.