Porosity of Hardened Portland Cement Pastes


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Title: Porosity of Hardened Portland Cement Pastes

Author(s): L. E. Copeland and J. C. Hayes

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 52

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 633-640

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 2/1/1956

Continued study of the properties of hardened portland cement pastes has provided information which makes it possible to estimate porosity of pastes more precisely than is possible by using the original equations of Powers and Brownyard. The total pore volume of hardened pastes is 0.99 we. Capillary pore volume is the difference between total pore volume and pore volume characteristic of the gel in hardened pastes. The pore volume of the gel is assumed to be the lowest pore volume that has been observed in hardened pastes. The paste with the lowest pore volume was made with w,/c = 0.235 and cured for 11 years. The gel porosity calculated for this paste is 0.26. The average number of layers of water molecules on the surface of this saturated gel is 2.38.