Ultimate Theory in Flexure by Exponential Function


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Title: Ultimate Theory in Flexure by Exponential Function

Author(s): G. M. Smith and L. E. Young

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 52

Issue: 11

Appears on pages(s): 349-359

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 11/1/1955

Describes an approach to ultimate failure of reinforced concrete beams based upon an exponential function describing the stress-strain curve in flexure. The exponential function and the generally proposed stress block as described by three parameters are compared. The values generally sug-gested for these parameters show a remarkable relationship to the exponent used to describe the stress block in flexure. Expressions for compressive and tensile failure are derived for predicting the ultimate moment of rectangular reinforced concrete beams. The expressions are developed using an exponential function to describe the stress block and an equivalent moment of inertia of the concrete and steel. A comparison of actual ultimate moments with the theoretical moments shows good agreement. Certain assumptions are made as to the stress-strain relationships in flexure which need further experimental verification.