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Title: Some Physical Properties of Concrete at High Temperatures

Author(s): Robert Philleo

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 54

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 857-864

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 4/1/1958

Experimental techniques are deecrihed and data are presented on the thermal expansion, density, and dynamic modulus of elasticity of concrete in the range 75-1500 F. Such information is necessary to evaluate stresses due to non-uniform heating which could result from a building fire or jet aircraft blast. The results indicate that weight loss due to loss of water is substantially com-plete at 800 F. At higher temperatures changes in weight are determined by the chemical nature of the aggregates. The coefficient of expansion increases above 800 F since expansion is no longer inhibited by drying shrinkage. At 1400 F the modulus of elasticity is reduced to leas than half ita value at 76 F, the exact reduction depending on the extent to which hydration had progressed at the time of exposure.


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