Lightweight Structural Concrete Proportioning and Control


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Title: Lightweight Structural Concrete Proportioning and Control

Author(s): George H. Nelson and Otto C. Frei

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 54

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 605-621

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 1/1/1958

Physical properties and gradation of an expanded shale aggregate produced in Georgia are given. Effect of fine aggregate:coarse aggregate ratio and effect of entrained air on properties of lightweight structural concrete are discussed. Recommends optimum air content for maximum strength of lightweight concrete with from 3 to 9 sacks of cement per cu yd. Proposes a proportioning method which makes use of a specific gravity factor. Using this proportioning method with aforementioned aggregate, tests were made on a series of mixes with from 3 to 9 sacks of cement,per cu yd. Properties reported include compressive, flexural, and bond strength; modulus of elasticity; diagonal tension; and thermal conductivity. Field control practices for lightweight structural concrete are briefly considered.