Destructive Impulse Loading of Reinforced Concrete Beams*


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Title: Destructive Impulse Loading of Reinforced Concrete Beams*

Author(s): F. T. Mavis and M. J. Greaves

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 54

Issue: 9

Appears on pages(s): 233-252

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 9/1/1957

Reinforced concrete beams, identical except for grade of reinforcement, were tested by pairs under destruct,ive impulse loads in a unique spring-powered testing machine. Data from each dynamic test were filmed by a high-speed motion picture camera which superimposed continuous oscilloscope records of load and reaction, and photographs of the beams at frequency of 1000 pictures a second. Data such as deflection of beams, crack formation, and time intervals, were also recorded on the motion picture film for repeated projection, microscopic frame-by-frame study, and analysis. Typical tests are detailed in this paper and dynamic behavior phases are identified and interpreted. Differences in behavior of beams under dynamic and static loadings are discussed further under headings of crack pattern and “whiplash”, shear distribution and bond failure, steel strain and energy + absorption. Bibliography lists 116 pertinent references.