Concrete Control on a Major Project


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Title: Concrete Control on a Major Project

Author(s): Orrin Riley and Stuart B. Cooper

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 68

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 107-115

Keywords: coeeficant of variation;concrete construction;concrete durablity; concretes; evaluation;inspection;quality control;statistical analysis;strength.

Date: 2/1/1971

The placement of $80 million of concrete by combinations of four of 52 agencies for the widening of the New Jersey turnpike presented formidable control problems. This paper discusses the control of durablity, the turnpike's major concrete problem, by the use of strength, slump, and air content parameters. These parameters are combined to measure the effect of slump and air entrainment on strength and uniformity of concrete as well as to rank the performance of various agencies in measuring these parameters. The coefficant of of variation is used both to rank the agencies and to measure the uniformity of the concrete. Interelationships of the parameters for determining the valididty of both test reports and the statistical analysis are also examined. Conclusions are reached concerning these parameter interrelationships, expectable coefficants of variations, and strength gain.