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Title: Strength of Rectangular Prestressed Concrete Beams in Combined Torsion, Bending and Shear

Author(s): B. Vijaya Rangan and A. S. Hall

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 70

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 270-278

Keywords: beams (supports) : bending; compression: failure: prestressed concrete; rectangular beams; reinforcing steels; shear properties: stirrups: strength; structural analysis; structural design; torsion.

Date: 4/1/1973

This paper presents the development of a theory for bonded prestressed concrete rectangular beams subjected to combined torsion, bending and shear. The analysis is similar to the one proposed by Collins et al for reinforced concrete beams. Strength equations are derived for Mode I, 2 and 3 failures. An empirical equation is developed for the case of shear-compression mode of failure. The predictions of the theory are compared with over one hundred test results available in the literature. In general the agreement is good. The strength was not over-estimated for any of the test beams.


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