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Title: Bending - An Examination of Assumptions

Author(s): E. F. P. Burnett

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 70

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 105-107

Keywords: beams (supports) ; bending; deformation; ductility; failure mechanisms: flexural strength: reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; shear strength: spans; structural analysis; structural design; tensile strength; ties (reinforcement).

Date: 2/1/1973

Two series of seven simply supported, mid-span loaded, reinforced concrete, rectangular beams were tested. Within each series the primary variable was span length, the only difference between each series being tie spacing. Experimental results are evaluated in terms of pre-yield response and post-yield strength and inelastic ductility. The interdependent nature of flexure, shear, and strut action is demonstrated, and a criterion for nonflexural behavior is proposed. The influence of shear-span or moment shear ratio, and tie spacing are evaluated with particular emphasis on both pre-and post-yield deformation. Some of the behavioral implications of the use of high-tensile strain hardening reinforcement are discussed.


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