Punching of Flat Plates Under Static and Dynamic Horizontal Farces


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Title: Punching of Flat Plates Under Static and Dynamic Horizontal Farces

Author(s): Amin Ghali, Mahmoud Z. Elmarsri, and Walter Dilger

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 73

Issue: 10

Appears on pages(s): 566-572

Keywords: columns (supports) : compressive strength;columns (supports) : compressive strength; connections; deformation: ductility: dynamic loads; dynamic tests;flat concrete plates;flat concrete slabs;static loads; static tests;structural analysis.

Date: 10/1/1976

The results of a laboratory investigation on the strength and deformation of flat slab floors at their connection with columns when subjected to static or dynamic horizontal forces are presented. Six full scale specimens of a slab-column connection were subjected to a constant axial force representing gravity load, and a varying static and dynamic moment transferred between the column and the slab. The amount of the flexure reinforcement in the slab was variable. No shear reinforcement was provided. Results indicate higher strength and higher energy absorption capacities of the slab in the dynamic tests. The increase in bending reinforcement in both the static and dynamic tests resulted in an increase in strength, but with an important decrease in the energy absorption capacity and the ductility. These two properties are important requirements, particularly for structures designed to resist dynamic loads, such as blast waves or earthquakes.